Olive Tree logo for websiteOlive Tree Catering has moved our base of operations from the Piccadilly facility near Central and Rock to Comotara Center at 2949 N. Rock Road. With 7,000 square feet of flexible banquet space, our new location allows Olive Tree Catering to host receptions with up to 400 guests, banquets with 350 guests, as well as cozy events and business meetings.

“Our catering customers often ask for venue recommendations, indicating difficulty in finding an available location for their chosen date,” said Joumana Toubia, director of operations. “Clearly the demand for event space is greater than what is currently available in Wichita.”

The move will also increase the capacity of Piccadilly’s holiday buffets which have been popular for decades. Piccadilly Grill announced in June that it would be moving from its longtime location once an appropriate new home is identified and secured. Piccadilly’s services such as special orders and deliveries will continue from the new location in Comotara Center. Sunday brunch will be served beginning Sunday, Oct. 25, at 2949 N. Rock Road.

“Our vision for the new Piccadilly restaurant is a café-style fast casual experience that our customers will enjoy and suits the current trends of what today’s diners expect,” said Joumana Toubia. “Since our first restaurant opened in 1979 we have sought to create experiences for Wichitans to savor cuisine that taps into authentic cooking traditions from around the world.”

Olive Tree Catering continues to offer a high level of service and a commitment to quality with on and off premise custom catering, including full service breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. All Olive Tree Catering services – drop-off, delivery, ready-to-pick-up or full service events – are scheduled by calling Susan at (316) 681-1100. Reservations for Sunday brunches and holiday buffets at Piccadilly are taken at that number as well.

We were honored and humbled to be chosen as a subject for the KMUW Entrepreneurship Series. From the perspective of KMUW, “the Toubia family and restaurant company Latour Management are among the food entrepreneurs who transformed Wichita’s dining scene. Wichita has long been a fountainhead for food entrepreneurs. What also sets Wichita apart from other Midwestern cities is its concentration of restaurants offering traditional Mediterranean cuisine. That trend began after the Toubia family opened its first restaurant, Olive Tree, in 1979.

KMUW Story“Olive Tree shifted the community’s interest and taste for Mediterranean and French-inspired food and led to a family-run network of culinary businesses. Many of today’s local chefs and restaurant owners got their start by working in the Toubia family’s food operations. Some even trained under founder and chef, Antoine Toubia.

“Before Olive Tree, Mediterranean staples such as hummus or fattoush were not widely available. The only places to get a taste of traditional Middle Eastern items were at certain steakhouses or annual food festivals at local churches founded by Lebanese immigrants. The Toubia family will soon begin a new chapter when Two Olives Gourmet Café opens in the same location that was once home to Olive Tree.”

Listen to the story by KMUW and get more of the story through video and photos.